Cord v cordless

Posted   |  By Philippa Worley
Small, compact and handy to use, cordless vacuum cleaners are great; but they are definitely not a replacement for the traditional corded machine. They are both fantastic, but at different jobs! Cordless vacuum cleaners use rechargeable batteries to power them. These batteries lack the ability to supply the power needed to match a corded, mains operated machine when it comes to sucking up dust and dirt. More frustratingly, the need to recharge batteries means the cleaner is not always available. When the battery dies, there is no alternative but to stop cleaning, plug in and wait: full charging times can vary from two to a lengthy sixteen hours. Running times for cordless machines vary considerably depending on the model: the shortest is quoted at around six minutes and the longest at up to an hour. Using motorised tool accessories reduces these running times. What cordless products do offer though is convenience. They are easy to carry around because they are light and can be used virtually anywhere. There is no need for a power socket and no trip hazard from a trailing cable or tangling around furniture, people or pets. They are great for cleaning cars and for spot cleaning crumbs and cobwebs. Due to their compact size, cordless vacuum cleaners may even be the answer for very small flats where storage space is at a premium. Conversely, corded, mains-operated vacuum cleaners score highly because of their power and their ability to make light work of the tough challenges of everyday cleaning. Both upright and cylinder machines are available; they offer excellent reliability day after day without ever needing to be recharged. With many models, their light weight and ergonomic design means that they are easy to use for long periods. They are versatile, often come with a wide range of accessories and are able quickly to clean large areas and thoroughly brush the pile of carpet while sucking away ingrained dirt.

Powerful cleaning for less

Posted   |  By Philippa Worley
The EU ruling limiting electricity consumed by your vacuum cleaner to 1,600 watts doesn’t have to make a difference to your cleaning routine. By selecting an efficient, well-designed SEBO machine, you can expect just the same cleaning power with no extra work.* With an efficient 1,200 watt motor, SEBO’s E1 PLUS cylinder vacuum cleaner harnesses the performance you need while using limited electricity. For an even bigger saving that the planet will thank you for, the SEBO Felix Vogue ECO uses just 700 watts without compromising on suction power. SEBO machines are made in Germany with the best quality materials and are built to stand the test of time, performing to a consistently high standard year after year. SEBO offers a free five-year parts and labour guarantee on all domestic machines.

It’s all looking peachy this spring with SEBO

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As we head into the new year and new season, the fashion forecast is full of bright, optimistic tones such as a soft peach tone.* This warm, glowing orange shade is reminiscent of new spring flowers and is the colour to be seen in this spring/summer season. There’s no reason why this gorgeous shade has to stay outdoors, either. SEBO’s Automatic X4 EXTRA ECO vacuum brings a glimmer of sunshine indoors so you can keep your home on trend and spotless whatever the weather. This high-performance upright machine uses a computer control system and efficient air flow design along with advanced S-Class filtration for exceptional cleaning results every time.

Red hot shades for Autumn/Winter 2015

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From strawberry to pomegranate, this Autumn/Winter season will be awash with bright, daring reds.*

So if you like to keep your home right on-trend all year round, adding a fiery splash of red to the décor could be just the ticket. For an effortless injection of this season’s colour, SEBO’s Felix Rosso ECO machine comes in a bold, vibrant red, adding a little glamour to your weekly routine.

The Felix Rosso ECO vacuum cleaner costs around £259.95 and is available nationwide.


Help your floors stand the test of time

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Flooring manufacturers promise wildly different lifespans for their products but, as a rule, many of us change our carpet or laminate floor roughly once a decade. By taking good care of your floorcoverings, you can extend their life and save money. Using a good quality, high-performance vacuum cleaner regularly is one way of doing this. SEBO’s upright and cylinder vacuum cleaners are designed to be easy, comfortable and convenient to use and will keep your floors in tip-top condition. SEBO’s Felix Rosso ECO vacuum cleaner, pictured, boasts a flexible flat-to-floor cleaning head which makes it easy to clean under and around furniture. The machine also boasts an adjustable telescopic handle and integrated hose and you can select variable power settings.

SEBO showcases extensive range of vacuum cleaners at The Flooring Show

Posted   |  By Philippa Worley

SEBO UK, stand C20a, The Flooring Show, 20 – 22 September 2015, Harrogate International Centre

SEBO will be welcoming retailers, floorcovering manufacturers and the flooring industry in general to its stand at The Flooring Show in Harrogate. This year, the company’s versatile professional and domestic ranges of vacuum cleaners will be on display. Unbeatable at keeping carpets, hard floors, fabrics and upholstery in tip-top condition, SEBO’s vacuum cleaners offer powerful performance, S-Class filtration and a wide range of accessories that make cleaning easy and fatigue-free.

Also on display at the show will be SEBO’s new E domestic cylinder vacuum cleaner. The internal air ways are extremely smooth, so that air moves through the system very efficiently, resulting in an exceptionally quiet machine with excellent suction power.  These new machines have a host of impressive features, including a retractable cable that winds in at the touch of a button, an airbelt bumper to protect walls and furniture, plus an intelligent motor protection system that senses overheating and turns the motor down accordingly.

Both the professional and domestic vacuum cleaners offer outstanding reliability and are easy to manoeuvre and maintain.  To find out more, please visit SEBO on stand C20a at The Flooring show.  

Blue is the new neutral

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Felix Navy

White and beige are so last season, as a crisp, cool and timeless navy blue continues to dominate fashion and décor.* This deep shade makes the room around it look bold, contemporary and, above all, immaculate.

Adding an injection of this classic colour into your home could put it right on trend, and what better way to do it than with your everyday appliances?

The SEBO FELIX NAVY ECO upright vacuum cleaner combines unbeatable cleaning ability with a sleek, understated and look to make a style statement in any home.

SEBO’s vacuum cleaners are backed by a five-year parts and labour guarantee offering total peace of mind.

Genuine SEBO vacuum cleaner bags for a guaranteed good clean

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Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery yet there is no substitute for the real thing. By using genuine SEBO vacuum cleaner bags, you can ensure you get a thorough SEBO clean. Manufacturers design their own vacuum cleaner bags to fit their own machines, so these are always the best to use. Genuine bags are specially designed to maximise the performance, longevity and reliability of a machine. Using SEBO bags in a SEBO machine upholds the manufacturer’s guarantee and keeps your machine working safely and effectively. Genuine bags guarantee quality vacuuming so it’s important to watch out for imitation bags which are disguised to look the same. The genuine bags will fill right to the top saving you money on replacing them. SEBO bags, for example, have a three-layer construction where the inner layers are made of specially treated non-stick paper. The high filtration design enables longer life for filters, preventing fine dust and other contaminants from entering the machine and causing unseen damage to bearings and other components. An integrated sealing lid makes SEBO bags more hygienic to handle and, most importantly, they are the correct size for the machine. All this means that the long-term, quality-assured and cost-saving benefits of a genuine SEBO bag are simply too good to miss.

SEBO Pet range gains a brand new addition

Posted   |  By Philippa Worley
The SEBO Pet range of vacuum cleaners, which already helps pet owners around the country to keep their homes in pristine condition, has gained a brand new member of the family. The SEBO E1 Pet vacuum cleaner brings with it all the benefits of SEBO’s E range. The internal airways are super smooth so air moves through the system efficiently for an exceptionally quiet machine with excellent suction power. This clever machine boasts an airbelt bumper to protect walls and furniture and an intelligent motor protection system that senses overheating and adjusts accordingly. The stylish black E1 Pet machine comes with easy-glide castors and a selection of on-board tools to help clean every corner of your home while S-Class filtration keeps dust locked inside. With a generous 3.5ltr bag and 10.8m cleaning range, the Pet model features the SEBO KOMBI cleaning head, a Floor Turbo brush and Stair and Upholstery Turbo brush to lift pet hair more efficiently, ideal for the family home. The SEBO E1 Pet vacuum cleaner retails at around £259.95.

SEBO on This Morning

Posted   |  By James Cannon
This Morning

Our D2 Titan Eco cylinder vacuum cleaner was featured on This Morning’s ‘cleaning up for spring’ feature on Wednesday 15 April. We are delighted the show awarded the vacuum cleaner as the Best Buy machine.