Enjoy a fur-free home with a SEBO Pet vacuum cleaner

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17 million pet cats and dogs live happily in UK homes*. SEBO Pet vacuum cleaners provide the perfect solution if you are not a fan of pet hair on carpets, hard floors, fabrics and upholstery.


There are three super-stylish black and silver machines to choose from – the X4 Pet, K1 Pet and Felix Pet.  All of the models offer an outstanding performance, are easy to use and feature the super-efficient S-Class filtration system that has earned the range the British Allergy Foundation Seal of Approval.


Prices are: K1 Pet £199.96, Felix Pet £279.95 and the X4 Pet £309.95. All SEBO domestic vacuum cleaners come with a five-year parts and labour guarantee.






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SEBO showcases extensive range of vacuum cleaners at The Flooring Show

Dart smallSEBO will be welcoming retailers, floorcovering manufacturers and the flooring industry in general to its stand at The Flooring Show in Harrogate. This year, the company’s versatile commercial and domestic ranges of vacuum cleaners will be on display. Unbeatable at keeping carpets, hard floors, fabrics and upholstery in tip-top condition, SEBO’s vacuum cleaners offer powerful performance, S-Class filtration and a wide range of accessories that make cleaning easy and fatigue-free.

Both the commercial and domestic vacuum cleaners offer outstanding reliability and are easy to manoeuvre and maintain.

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Keep your soft furnishings in tip top condition with a SEBO

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SEBO vacuum cleaners come with a range of attachments ideal for keeping your soft furnishings spick and span. When it comes to cleaning sofas, mattresses and cushions both the crevice nozzle and upholstery brush are ideal. The dusting brush makes cleaning window blinds and lamp shades easy.  The extension tube makes it effortless to clean awkward spaces and reach ceiling corners.  It’s also easy to clean behind radiators with SEBO’s radiator brush while, if you have textured walls or ceilings, the floor and wall brush is ideal for rapid dusting.

SEBO’s anti-allergy designs boast a triple microfilter S-Class system and sealable multi-layer bags ensure that no dust escapes from the machines. Most SEBO vacuum cleaners have a variable suction control so the power setting can be changed for the task in hand.  For example, you might want to turn the power down for vacuuming a lamp shade and then turn the power up for cleaning the floor.

SEBO offers a range of upright and cylinder vacuum cleaners available in a range of colours and styles to suit your home and requirements.

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SEBO’s top tips for a healthy vacuum cleaner

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Follow SEBO’s top tips to get the best performance for years to come from your vacuum cleaner.

Cables are the most easily damaged item on a vacuum cleaner. Damage to cables can be reduced, or even eliminated, by a few easy precautions to prevent stretching or stressing the cable.

  • When winding on the cable after use, do not pull it tight where it exits the machine leave a little slack there, otherwise the constant tension over time will fray the internal cable filaments.
  • When winding up the cable always unplug the vacuum first then start from the machine and work towards the plug, otherwise it will corkscrew up.
  • Never run over the cable, or tug on it when it is trapped by furniture.
  • Never let the cable yank the vacuum cleaner as this will break the cable core.

Filters let the vacuum breathe. If they get clogged up, performance will suffer and eventually the motor may be damaged.

  • When replacing the bag, check all filters. If they are dirty, they need replacing. A SEBO recommends only using genuine bags and filters as recommended by the manufacturer of your vacuum cleaner.

Brush roller bristles comb the pile and lift away the dirt and fibre. Inevitably, like brushing hair with a hair brush, long hairs/fibres can get trapped on the brush. Eventually this will affect performance.

  • Regularly check the brush roller. If hair or fibre is wrapped around it, use a pair of scissors to cut them along the brush roller between the rows of bristles. Then use the crevice nozzle attached to the hose to suck off the cut hair.

After years of use, the brush roller bristles go soft due to abrasion from hard particles and general wear. In these circumstances a new brush can return the vacuum cleaner back to its original performance.

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SEBO’s smart and stylish Felix vacuum cleaners make cleaning a breeze

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Keeping your hard floors and carpets in tip-top condition is simple with the right tool! SEBO presents the perfect solution with the range of Felix upright vacuum cleaners. Choose from a selection of light and easy-to-manoeuvre designs including the Felix Navy, Pet, Vogue, Rosso and Royale.

The beauty of each slimline vacuum clear is that it’s designed with a flexible flat-to-floor cleaning head which is under 7cm in height. Its L-shaped head reaches right up to skirting boards and slides under radiators too so every inch of your floor looks good.

Each model comes equipped with an adjustable telescopic handle and integrated hose for comfortable cleaning. You can also select variable power settings; choose from 300 watts which is great for vacuuming delicate items with the hose, to 1300 watts for true force. The machines feature brush-height control too; you can choose between gentle to deep brushing as desired. The models also boast S-class filtration and sealable multi-layer bags to ensure no dust escapes.

Models in the Felix range start from £229.96.  SEBO’s vacuum cleaners are also backed by a five-year parts and labour guarantee offering total peace of mind.

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Welcome a SEBO into your family home

PR36013The family home can be a busy place with children to look after, pets running around and friends and family visiting.  With such a hectic lifestyle, the housework needs to be an easy task! When it comes to vacuuming, SEBO’s dazzling white D4 Premium vacuum cleaner is the perfect choice.

The high-quality, cylinder vacuum cleaner boasts ultra-efficient filter technology that delivers an unbeatable cleaning performance. Lightweight at only 6.7kg, the ergonomic body is designed to easily navigate obstacles whilst the patented AIRBELT bumper system absorbs impacts and protects your furniture.

Clever features such as a cone-shaped hose improves suction and prevents blockages, while the machine has space for a convenient and hygienic extra-large, six-litre bag. What’s more, the automatically-rewindable 12m power cable, together with the hose and telescopic tube, provide an impressive 15.5m cleaning range, ideal for awkward corners and stairs.

The D4 Premium’s power head has an electronic guidance system which indicates the correct height setting for optimum cleaning performance.  The brush can also be manually switched off, if needed, making it suitable for delicate floorcoverings.  The machine comes with the SEBO Vario KOMBI which is a multi-purpose combination head suitable for hard flooring and carpet, especially wool-loop.

The D4 Premium also has a power control on the hose handle and a slick LED light to indicate the suction level, so you can easily change the settings for wooden floor, carpet, upholstery, rugs and curtains.

The D4 Premium is part of the SEBO D Collection and is available from a variety of independent retailers nationwide and costs £379.96.

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The nation is in love with carpet once again

PR 36261c x4 petResearch by the Office for National Statistics shows that we are now turning away from hardwood flooring and favouring carpet again.  Let’s face it, carpet is far cosier and can introduce some striking colours and patterns into a room.

SEBO’s upright X Series and Felix vacuum cleaners will make it easy to keep your new on trend carpet looking fabulous.

The Felix boasts a flexible flat-to-floor cleaning head which makes it easy to clean under and around furniture.  Each model boasts an adjustable telescopic handle and integrated hose and you can select variable power settings; choose from gentle, which is great for vacuuming delicate items with the hose, to maximum for true force. The machines feature brush-height control too; you can choose between gentle to deep brushing as desired.

With unique on-board computer technology and a user-friendly design, every X series model provides the ultimate in effective and intelligent floor cleaning.  This computer-controlled system measures brush action on the floor and, in conjunction with a servo motor, moves the brush to the appropriate height for optimum cleaning.

Both ranges feature the super-efficient S-Class filtration system which meets the demanding requirements of asthma and allergy sufferers with ease as the fine dust particles are firmly retained inside the machines and not released into the air.  The vacuum cleaners also boast the British Allergy Foundation Seal of Approval.

Don’t just take out word for it. Which? has recently rewarded SEBO as the best overall brand for the upright vacuum cleaners.

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Cleaning up your wedding list

4041 Felix Vogue low-resThe wedding list is a great excuse to upgrade dated and mismatching homewares and appliances.

Why not include a vacuum cleaner – a real home essential?  SEBO vacuum cleaners are tough, reliable, extremely easy to use and ideal for a variety of floorcoverings.  The range of cylinder and upright machines is available in a variety of colours and styles from the trendy bright Felix Rosso to the sleek black and silver K1 Pet; the white D4 Premium to the striking Felix Vogue which is pictured.

SEBO’s vacuum cleaners are backed by a five-year parts and labour guarantee offering total peace of mind.

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Dream cleaning – SEBO offers some top vacuuming tips

seboTake care of your vacuum so that it lasts longer. Check filters and bags regularly – at least once every six weeks – and keep the brush roller free from hair.

Always ensure the lead is fully extended before turning the vacuum on, never pull a vacuum by its lead and always unplug before winding the cable.

Vacuuming slowly is twice as effective as whizzing round!  By taking it easy, you will do a much better job in less time.

Don’t use liquid shampoos on your carpets. The agent collects in the pile and builds up to attract more dirt and grime. Instead, use carpet cleaning powder which will absorb stains.

Make sure you use the right attachment for the job, especially on delicate flooring such as wool loop carpet.

It’s not just the floor that can be cleaned with a vacuum – use it to free curtains, lampshades, throws and sofas from dust.

SEBO vacuum cleaners are easy-to-use, provide an outstanding performance and are ideal for all floor types.

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SEBO – the ultimate in professional vacuum cleaners

Dart smallSEBO, stand R1400, Facilities Show, 17-19 June 2014, ExCeL, London.

At Facilities Show, SEBO will be showcasing a collection of professional vacuum cleaners which have been designed for commercial environments.  The range which will be on display includes the SEBO DART, BS 36 and BS 46 Comfort, Professional D8 cylinder and UHS polisher.

The SEBO DART upright vacuum cleaner is easy to use and maintain, offers brilliant performance and is ideal for cleaning around furniture and other obstacles. With exceptional suction and powerful brush action, it offers a thorough, professional quality one pass pick-up.

The DART features S-Class filtration, an on-board hose, a crevice nozzle, 4-level height adjustment and auto shut-off.  Available in two brush widths – 31cm and 37cm – the DART weighs in at just 6.7kg and 6.9kg respectively.  The machine’s “Flex” neck not only gives superb manoeuvrability, its flat-to-floor design enables the DART to clean under hard-to-reach places.  What is more, when detached from the power head, the DART body is transformed into a lightweight, powerful suction machine.

SEBO’s UHS polisher is an essential add-on to the Dart vacuum cleaner; this can restore and keep hard floors looking super sleek.  The polisher is embedded with micro-diamonds in the pads.  This polishes out imperfections in the floor creating a smooth gloss finish.

Another option is the SEBO BS 36 and BS 46 Comfort upright vacuum cleaners. The flat-to-the-floor design and telescopic tube system add to the overall cleaning flexibility while the electronic guidance system advises the correct brush height, will warn when the brush strip is worn out and will switch off the brush motor in the case of an obstruction to the brush; the motor also turns off when the machines are upright.

Finally, the Professional D8 cylinder machine has been superbly engineered and offers exceptional performance combined with an ergonomic design, large capacity and quiet, economic operation.  The SEBO kombi multi-floor cleaning head has a double-jointed neck for easy movement while the AirBelt bumper protects walls and furniture from marking and damage.

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